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Hi techies,

Hmm, what to write here ?? Big Q. .I’m kindda silent,,A person where everything depends on mood at times naughty & cheerful.
Like to get involved into my own world, have Distinct good n honest friends,,!!

Listening to music is my favorite past time…

Like to discuss technical stuff and dream big..

Am Pavan Kumar…!! Am alwayz UniqE….wanna FLy high..

well..em a prsn wth versatile intrsts…love to snap photographs hav a Digi ROund the clock..,,techo geek,,mobile ing,,SURFING forums,,Not a Great gamer BUT A gooD GAMER..,,
programming mikrocontrollers ,digital design,,Robotics….””

Love to || stare at SKy…

Tat’s it Lyf’s GOin”0n an oN…

second Electronics (ECE)..

my home clg..DRKist..


Hav..a me 


One Comment

  1. hey.. i have to do a project for my microprocessor lab. Can you suggest me some good project topics involving Arduino ATmega168 which can be completed with in 1 month?

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