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A series of interactive Chrome Experiments made by Google

Weblab is announced at Google I/O Con which is one among many other amazing products, such as Android Jelly Bean and who can forget the Live Sky Diver’s hangout with the Google Glass.

Google Chrome launched the Web Lab at the London Science Museum, a year-long installation of five interactive experiments designed to tie the Internet’s otherworldly conceptual presence to something physical. Users can access the experiments while physically at the Science Museum or, and this is key to the installation’s concept, from wherever they are in the world via the Internet.

The experiments include a Universal Orchestra, Data Tracer, Lab Tag explorer, Sketch-bots, Teleporter.

The Sketch Bot experiment awesome’ness is that it right opens in your favorite browser (ofcourse all experiments do, Thanks to latest tech HTML5) it captures the image using webcam of your machine and applies a series of Basic Powerful Image Processing Algorithms.

The very first thing is it detects eye’s and subsequently face and levels off the image perpendicularity and applies threshold to convert it to a gray-scale image and does edge detection by vectorisation which is the final file that a machine can understand it as series of precise motor commands and all the above said series of action are rendered as nice animation right on your browser which enhances the user experience, which also unveils the image processing algorithms behind it, and now your are done the Portrait of you is queued and ready to be drawn on sand by one of the eight robot in Science Museum, London.

Each sketch bot has two joints powered by stepper motors , and sand is present on an circular disk which moves after the current portrait is finished duirng the course where previously drawn portraits on sand is cleared by leveling the sand [*as per my visual investigation]

As per the availability of the bots and number of portrait in the queue , your portrait will be drawn by the Robot and the live recorded video will be uploaded to your youtube account.

The availability of the sketchbots doubles during the non-visitor hours of the Museum, during other time where Physical visitors would be.

Isn’t this amazing !! Try out your Portrait and also other Lab experiments.


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