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Today saw the movies Short Circuit and Short Circuit-2

Its feeling ‘Alive’ by watching Johnny 5’s Action, his dialogues, his innocence

Ben Jahrvi character is cool with his really fuzzy Indian English and he speaks some Hindi words too in Short Circuit 2

The main line of Short Circuit is some what used by Shankar’s Robo.

The coolest thing is Most of the arm movements of Johnny 5 were controlled by a “telemetry suit,” a metallic skeleton carried on the puppeteer’s upper torso. Each joint in the suit had a separate sensor, allowing the puppeteer’s arm and hand movements to be transferred directly to the machine like my Robo hand and Robo Hand V2.0 (done long time ago but did n’t post it till nw)

Read That is Short Circuit is being remake with different plot is set to release in 2011

Johnny 5 and Ben’s accent is unforgettable

Hey Lynxmotion is selling Johnny 5 look alike robots with same brand name


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