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Monthly Archives: August 2010

I liked Arduino Software for coding..

tried but could n’t put time and failed to modify the software for atmega 16/32

So took an atmega8 and made my Pavduino (arduino Board)

one more pic

if u want one ..make one for urself..

complete schematics and projects can be found at

one last thing ..pls lemme know if any of u use arduino software for coding atmega 16/32..

keep rocking..!!


i found the way to program atmega32 from Arduino IDE

Software support


SENSOR:  Linear + 10.0 mV/°C scale factor

ADC Resolution 10bit (1024)
reference voltage 5V
=> 5/1024 = 5mV approx
As ADC results are in factor of 5mV and for 1 degree C the output of LM35 is 10mV, So 2 units of ADC = 1 degree

So to get the temperature
temperature = adc_value/2

Docklight Software For Serial port monitoring